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Can I Customize the Chat Widget on My Website?

Yes. you can choose your brand colours, text colours, logo, add your brand's tagline and give your bot a unique name.

How Can I Assign Different Roles or Tasks to Different Users?

Yes. There is a selection of predefined roles that you can assign to your users. Custom roles are available upon request. Feel free to contact us for any customization.  

Can I Have a Full History of All Conversations?

Yes. A complete log with customer name, operator name, time, duration & conversation rating is available in Bubble's strong, all-in-one back-end.


Can I Integrate Bubbles with Facebook or WhatsApp?

Yes. Bubble's ChatBot & LiveChat can also be integrated with CRM, Twitter, Microsoft Teams, Telegram, WeChat, and more! 

Conversations through the different integrations are managed through one, easy to use back-end.

Is There a Limit on the Scenarios Count to Answer My Customer?

No. We know that each business is unique!
Bubbles gives you full flexibility to design as many scenarios as you need to serve your customers. 

Can I Integrate Bubbles with my Mobile Application?

Yes. Bubbles is able to integrate through mobile SDK and HTML SDK.  

Can Bubbles understand my client's intent and answer accordingly?

Bubbles is a smart bot. it can understand your customer's intent and interact accordingly in a human-like manner.

Bubbles is also bilingual and chooses the language of interactions based on the customer's first response! Try it on the bottom right hand side of the page. 

Can I Manage my Customer List Through Bubbles?

Yes, customer base management is what differentiates Bubbles from its competitors. You can create custom lists and send push notifications to groups or individuals. Bubbles strong back-end allows you to extract and import customer lists from spread sheets. 

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