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Customer Engagement Like Never Before!

Bubbles is a powerful and efficient live chat platform that makes your customers happy, satisfied and loyal. It’s a one-stop-shop live chat and chatbot solution that boosts your brand presence, provides impressive customer services, improves your business performance and enables more revenue to pour in.

Dashboard and Reports

Be on top of things. Tap into clever insights by using Bubbles dashboard. It quickly gives your rich analysis of key aspects of your business data. You can detect whenever your customers use your chat services, the number of times they use it, their messages logs along with other important statistics displayed using real-time key metrics and performance indicators.

Delve deeper into monitoring your business performance. Through Bubbles reports, you can see data about chat loads, rush hours, and days in which chats reached peak-levels. Several charts also display detailed chat loads per hour, per day or per month, and much more!

Custom Chat Box

Right from your website, you can open a tool that enables you to customize your chat box look and feel; an essential step to maintain the integrity of your business brand and identity. You can choose your preferred chat box theme; put your logo, and create a harmonious navigation experience for your customers across all your online business touchpoints. 

Knowledge Base

Prepare ready-made answers for the most repeated and known questions that your customers ask in accordance with your policy and offers. When a customer asks any question, Bubbles chatbot searches this knowledge base for the suitable answer to reply back on the spot. No delays & No business interruptions!

Push Notifications

For more brand proximity, Bubbles lets you send your customers alerts of your offers, promotions, service or product updates. You can configure, manage or push notifications to your customers. You can also display all sent notifications organized by date, operator’s name, and sender name.


Meeting enterprise-level needs, Bubbles can be integrated with 3rd party platforms or systems your business is using such as a Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Content Management System (CMS), or other internal systems to use them as a database to store leads and customers' contact information.

Also, Bubbles chatbot is accessible via Bubbles chat box, Whatsapp, Facebook messenger, Telegram and Twitter. Any social media platform can be connected with Bubbles chatbot and your online agents.

AI-Driven Chatbot

Bubbles smart chatbot simulates the behavior of a human agent. It understands the customer types in the chat box, whether words, phrases or questions. It responds with the most suitable answer. There are variety of answers such as a greeting, a phrase, a location, or can reply with clarification questions in addition to other multiple options. The smart bot uses machine learning technology to learn and provide the best possible user experience.

Bubbles chatbot has its own knowledge-base that is considered a platform to learn and answer customer questions. If there are any unanswered questions, don't worry! Bubbles chatbot lists all unanswered questions after searching its knowledge database. It also detects the number of times each of these questions was asked. The knowledge-base can be updated with new, correct answers so it can grow to more intelligent. Also, all conversations between the customers and the chatbot are stored in Bubbles as chat logs.


Web Chat and Mobile SDK

You can simply use a web and mobile chat SDK to bring Bubbles live chat capacities to your web and mobile customers, and it's easy to integrate. Bubbles SDK allows you to build a strong service ecosystem that enriches your online presence and increases your customer engagement rates.