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Bubbles Chat, Your Intelligent Chat Assistant Can Start Working for you Today!

Think of Bubbles as your new smart employee that never takes a leave! An employee that constantly helps to keep your customers choose you over competition every time. Having Bubbles across all your online business touchpoints will simply make your brand reach new skies! 

Time to create a reliable chatting experience and a meticulous balance for your customer chats with your live customer service agents,  and your chatbot. Not only will this make your customers feel more heard, understood, and consequently in more love of your brand; it will also boost your business capacity in capturing, converting, and closing leads with confidence.

A Live Chat Platform

Bubbles Chat is an online chat platform that helps you create rich conversations with your customers. Designed to boost your customer service quality and speed in addition to amplifying your sales volume. Bubbles gives you the ability to chat with your customers through human agents, an intelligent chatbot or both. 

Anywhere, Anytime!

Anywhere, Anytime!

Bubbles enables real-time chats on your website, mobile apps, Facebook, WhatsApp and other platforms in English / Arabic or both.

No Waiting!

On a typical call center, customers can spend long time until they are assigned to a customer service agent. Bubbles integrates the live agent feature with a smart chatbot to ensure business continuity and responsiveness to customers 24/7, 365.

Bubbles Digital Excellence

Bubbles is a byproduct of 20+ years of expertise in the technology domain. Bubbles is powered by Link Development, the global technology solutions provider.