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Your Intelligent Chatting Journey

Live Chat & Chatbot Solution on Cloud

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Never Leave Your Customer Without an Answer! Top Benefits

Bubbles Top Benefits


Enjoy a set of built-in & easy-to-use features to engage your online visitors. Use your own business-branded chat box to talk with your customers on web, mobile or social media platforms.

Real-Time Chat

Entice your visitors to connect with your brand through a single click anytime and anywhere. Engage them on the spot using fully integrated live chat and chatbot experiences.

Lead Generation

Capture, nurture and convert your online, mobile and social media visitors into customers faster than ever. Give them easy, and quick answers they need to make educated purchase decisions.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Power

Launch your smart chatbot solution that simulates a human assistant with their knowledge and experience. Bubbles chatbot automatically understands what your customers say, and respond with the best possible answers or actions fluently.

Instant & Full Business View

Open a space for business improvement. Immediately know what your visitors are thinking of your brand, and what issues they might be facing with your products or services. Monitor everything going on, address feedback, and resolve bottlenecks.

Support Arabic

Bubbles is a multilingual platform with ready-made dialogues, conversational capacities with an easy-to-use backend that work in both Arabic and English languages . chatbot's response language is determined based on the language of the 1st chat message sent by your online visitor.

Have it Both Ways!

A Secret Weapon for Engaging and Acquiring More Customers

Positive vibes will make you and your customers happy! Bubbles is a digital live-chat platform that helps you create vibrant, and rewarding customer journeys across each and every visitor interaction on your website, mobile apps and social media platforms. With Bubbles live-chat and chatbot, you will increase the efficiency, speed, and quality of your customer experiences and boost your business brand.

For Business

Enjoy a Lead-Qualifying Tool

Is my visitor an actual prospect? Use Bubbles that automatically qualify leads on your website to build a strong sales funnel.

Achieve Cost-Efficiency

Increase your brand presence 24/7. Hire the right number of live agents according to your customer traffic. It's on cloud!

Enhance Customer Relationship

Remove communication barriers to impress customers, increase their loyalties, and have them customers for life!

Scale-Up Your Service Capacity

Easily and automatically manage unlimited number of chats without affecting business performance or service quality.

For Customers

Near-Zero Waiting Time

Bubbles reduces painful waiting time in chat queues from minutes to seconds.


Your customers will use Bubbles free of charge across your communication channels.

Available 24/7

Your online visitors can reach your business anytime and anywhere.

Friendly Assistant

A very attractive chat experience that makes communication with your brand easy, quick and intelligent.

Your Most Reliable Business Assistant!

Bubbles uniquely designed to help you increase the efficiency of your customer experiences, and amplify the volume of your sales exactly at the same time.