Be close

to your customers, engage
with them and get their

full satisfaction

via mobile chat and beyond


channel to listen, respond and have

the 360° cycle of

customer care



What / Get to know more about bubbles.

  • Mobile

    Be at your customer's finger touch all the time.

  • Chat

    Support your customers via Mobile chat.

    Get their ratings and feedback, and surpass their expectations.

  • Structure

    Organize your support force into departments and teams.

    Handle complex inquiries with transfer to supervisors or other departments

  • Push

    Your way back to customers for sending offers & promotions.

  • Content

    Use chat logs to generate FAQ topics for customers.

    Generate Knowledge Base topics for agents to use before answering.

  • Analyze

    Get insights to better manage support performance.


For Business

Cost Effective

Serve multiple customers simultaneously with less number of agents.
No infrastructure required, it’s way more affordable than call center.


Instant communication builds strong relationship with customers.


Tracking and monitoring helps tuning performance and quality of service.

2 Way Channel

Listen to you customer via chat, rating and feedback.
Let your customer listens to you with updates and promotions via push notification.
For Business Owner

For Customers


Free mobile app to download and chat to get served at no effort or cost.

More Convenient

Less time waiting on phone or queues.


Being with customer anytime anywhere on mobile phone ensures easy contact and closeness of always being there.


Accessible chat history saves time of asking again and allows followup of incomplete cases.
For Customers

Plans / Choose what suits you more.

  • Lite


    Branded Mobile App

    Bubbles App Listing (soon)

    Web Chat & Mobile SDK

    1 Department

    1 Chat / Operator

  • Starter

    $15 /agent /month

    Branded Mobile App

    Bubbles App Listing (soon)

    Web Chat & Mobile SDK

    Unlimited Departments

    Unlimited Concurrent Chats

  • Standard

    $25 /agent /month

    Branded Mobile App

    Bubbles App Listing (soon)

    Web Chat & Mobile SDK

    Unlimited Departments

    Unlimited Concurrent Chats


    Theme Customization

    Individual Push Notifications

  • Ultimate

    $50 /agent /month

    Branded Mobile App
    android ios

    Bubbles App Listing (soon)

    Web Chat & Mobile SDK

    Unlimited Departments

    Unlimited Concurrent Chats

    Reports +

    Theme Customization

    Bulk Push Notifications


    Knowledge Base

Compare Features / Learn about plan details.

Feature / Plan Lite Starter Standard Ultimate
Branded Mobile App
Optionally get your native iOS & Android mobile apps with your logo and colors within 48 hours for a one time affordable setup fee.
x x x
Bubbles App Listing (soon)
Your company is included in the Bubbles collective app for greater access by a large customer base.
Web Chat & Mobile SDK
- Customized web chat widget to embed into your website.
- iOS & Android mobile SDKs to add chat help channel into your apps.
White label backend to control look & feel with your colors and identity.
x x
Company Info
Dynamic page with content about your company, its contact data and social links.
User Management
- Creating, editing & removing users.
- Assigning roles with different levels of privileges.
Organize your support force structure into departments visible to your customers and internal logical teams).
1 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Concurrent Sessions
Max number of customers an operator can handle simultaneously.
1 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Core Chat Features
- 2 chat modes (basic widget, expanded view).
- Operator’s name & avatar personalization.
- Transfer chat from operators to supervisor.
- Chat load balancing per online operators with smart round robin assignment.
- Dynamic automatic messages (welcome, wait, transfer, bye).
- Monitor number of active sessions per operator.
- Monitor queue of waiting customers.
- Control guest chat for non-registered customers.
- Search conversations.
- Filter conversations by multiple criteria.
Advanced Chat Features
- Transfer chat between departments.
- Manual chat assignment for supervisor.
- Customer rating and feedback.
- Operator commenting and starring conversations.
Conversation Tagging
Categorize chat topics with dynamic tags.
Quick Responses
Help operators answer quickly using predefined canned responses with shortcuts & autocomplete.
x x
Manage content of frequently asked questions for your customers to check before asking.
x x x
Knowledge Base
Manage and organize content for your support team to search and find answers quickly.
x x x
Customer Management
- Maintain, search & filter list of served customers.
- Block annoying customers from chatting.
Customer Grouping
Organize your customer list into categories for targeting each group with relevant push messages.
x x x
Individual Push Notifications
Send individual push notifications to specific customers for followups.
x x
Bulk Push Notifications
Send bulk push notifications to all customers or a filtered subset with your offers and promotions.
x x x
Reports (Basic)
- System summary
- Daily load per hour (answered, missed, dropped).
- Agents’ online duration.
x x
Reports+ (Advanced)
- Weekly load per day (answered, missed, dropped).
- Service level report.
x x x

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